Child Support NY

Child Support NY, A Basic Guide

Child support, NY is a financial assistance program initiated for the welfare and well being of the children. The program includes payment to be made by the parents who don’t have the custody of the child. The parent is required to pay costs which would cover the child’s health insurance, education, health related costs which are not covered by the health insurance and payments pertaining to child care.

The child support NY was first initiated in 1975. This program is open for all those who feel like they can’t take care of the child alone. Be it a parent, guardian or a caretaker, everyone can apply to this program. The New York state has established Support Collection Unit (SCU) and Child Support Enforcement Units (CSEU) to deal with issues pertaining to the child support.

The SCU and CSEU are responsible for providing a number of services to the custodial parent. In case, if the child is born to unmarried parents, the above agencies will help in establishing paternity before asking for the support. The paternity can be established using tests or by filing a petition of paternity in the Family Court. The above agencies are also responsible for the collection of the payment from the non custodial parent. In case of nonpayment by the non custodial parent, the CSEU will file a petition in the Family Court demanding payment. The CSEU is also responsible for reviewing the payment of child support NY every two years to ascertain whether the amount being paid is according to the cost of living or increments should be made.

The amount to be paid for child support NY is calculated using a support standard chart. The chart is released on the 1st of April every year. The payment is calculated using the gross income of both the parents and the percentage allocated is dependent on the number of children. For people whose income exceeds $130,000, the decision to use the percentage rule will be decided by the court. Other factors might be taken into account by the court in deciding the payment to be made to the child support NY.

The program provides security to the child and makes certain that both parents have a role in their child’s life and both parents are responsible for looking after the child’s needs till he/she turns twenty one. New York Child Support actually helps in making a difference not just to a child’s life but also helps in developing a sense of responsibility in the parents towards their child.

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